Friday, February 29, 2008

Republicans are Dumb and Evil

Have you ever noticed that Republicans, when talking about taxes, claim that every dollar taken from a person's hands and given to the government is a dollar misspent? The person who earned that money has better uses for it than the government, and when he or she spends it it will operate more efficiently as a spur to economic growth than it ever could in the government's hands.

Then, when Republicans are talking about immigration, what's their #1 issue? The illegal immigrant's failure to pay taxes! Actually, they should be pinning medals on those brave noncitizens who manage to play such a productive role in society by paying almost no taxes (not zero, of course, because of sales taxes), and thereby creating more jobs than the rest of us

Now that the inconsistency has been pointed out, I'm sure the Republicans will rush to fix it, one way or the other — or when they stop fooling most of the people most of the time.


Anonymous said...

Actual conservatives are not dead set against *all* government spending, just most discretionary spending and maybe some entitlements. That still leaves a big budget for law enforcement, the military (Republicans love expensive wars), etc. You may be confusing Republicans with anarcho-syndicalists.

Also, actual conservatives oppose illegal immigration mostly because they don't want their country turned into a third world shithole. Read Pat Buchanan or Peter Brimelow and see how rarely they talk about taxes, if ever. If their number one real concern was really taxes, wouldn't they support amnesty so that illegals would become legal and pay taxes? Obviously, that's not the case.

McDermott 2, Strawman 0.

airfoyle said...

It's odd that you use the phrase "actual conservatives" twice, as though it were synonymous with "Republicans." Any genuine conservative should be appalled by the GOP's actions in the last 8 years. You're correct that Republicans' attacks on "taxing and spending" are hypocritical. Nonetheless, the media repeat them and people assume they have weight.

When it comes to immigration, I admit that I'm not that big an expert on Republican positions; I am loath to read anything by Tom Tancredo. But I do know enough to believe that Pat Buchanan is not a typical Republican. It may also be the case that Republican candidates mention keeping the border secure against terrorist attacks as often as they do the cost immigrants impose on government services. But, again, I don't think they really care about either issue. It's all the usual code they're so good at when they want to convey messages such as: these people who don't speak your language are to blame for your losing your job.